Thursday, February 24, 2005

Eating @ Minerva Coffee Shop

Minerva Coffee Shop
Amrutha Mall
2341 5910, 2340 4635

A vegetarian restaurant thats open trhough the day for snacks & sundry items.

Seating is plush. The restaurant has a wide open feel to it, which tends to suprise given its location. The bathrooms are in the process of being done up, so hopefully, they will improve soon.

Their lunch thali, is supposed to be good, but havent tasted it yet. The dosas (around 30/-) are amazing. Definitely try the dynamite chilli ginger chutney that goes with the dosas. The idlis are soft & fluffy, the vadas (26/-) crisp & comforting in a way.

If you go at lunch time, apart from south India snacks, you can also order from the Chinese section which includes items like Baby corn and black pepper (90/-)

They have a range of drinks including lassi (33) Ice cream sodas & milkshakes.

Nice place to catch up on evening tea, mid morning coffee or a late lunch.

Food 3.8, Service 3.8, Decor 3.5

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