Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Eating @ Eat Street

Eat Street
Necklace Road

Eat Street is a lovely place opened on the lake on Necklace Road. Theres a play area for children with lovely multi hued flowers growing abundantly. There's a permanent merry-go-round & baby cars & things like that. They also have boating on the lake originating from the premises.

The seating is partly open air and partly under a cover which is still open to the lake on the side. But if all you want is a place to sip a coffee & relax with your book or friends, then take your coffee & head upstairs, the feeling there is even more relaxed.

Eat Street is a Food court. So you have Pizza Hut, Minerva Coffee Shop, Baskin robbins & others. Rest assured there are enough choices whether you are looking for a coffe, ice-cream, snacks, chaat or a proper meal.

The Chinese served at "Wok of the Town" was quite good. The combos for 95/- include some noodles/rice, a main dish & a starter. Really worth it & quite filling. Their chicken pepper salt was also quite interesting for 65/-

The "Chat Room" serves an array of chaat items. Tried the Dahi Poori (25) & Pani Puri (20). Tasty & clean with the joy of eating it on the lake side. Definitley round up your chaat with the jelebis (20). They are absolutely amazing & a must try. If you are thirsty with all the chaat, have the Badam Milk (25). There are a lot of pakodas & other fried stuff too thats available. I'd rank this second on the chaat available in Hyderabad. Ohris Banjara being the best. And oh yeah, the Pani Puri @ Gangotris near 36, Jubilee hills is very good, though the rest of their chaat isnt.

At the Indian counter "Wah Hyderabad", you can get an assortment of Mughlai & Hyderabadi dishes. The combo at 95 includes rice, roti, dry & wet sabji in veg & non veg options. Very filling, so quite a VFM. If you want to add on something, try the chicken 65 for 60/- and complete your meal.

Then take a walk around the palce to digest all that you have just eaten & enjoy the view some more. Quite a romantic place too. If you want to take your date out to a place, which wont burn a hole in your wallet, then eat Street is the place to go.


Upendra Czar said...

Me and my family went to Eat Street yesterday...and as my folks wanted to try Biryani..we ordered Kebab combo and Biryani chicken 65 Combo....
from "Wah Hyderabad"

FOOD-- Pathetic...Chicken was burnt excess Oil which smelt like it was reused over and over again..Biryani rice though it was made of basmati...had a sour tinge in its taste... tummy got upset...

I have been to Eat Street 2-3 times before with friends and we usually eat Chaat or Coffee/Ice cream or @Minerva Cafe...

I will give a 2 out of 10 for "Wah Hyderabad"...Dont even try...

Anonymous said...

eat street is big facilty i mean 8-10 acres property ?or small one 1-2 acres?
what is facilty in eat street?gaeden child play?

Anonymous said...

one my freind say is too small?

Kim said...

If you look at the date, I wrote this review over 3 years ago!
I'm not sure if it has expanded or contracted since then, why don't you head on over and check it out?