Sunday, December 12, 2004


How to reach : Local transportation is available. If you are driving yourself, it is better to park at Salarjung Museum and pay the 10rs parking fee & catch an auto. Else you can try and park it at the hospital just beyond Charminar, opp Mecca Masjid.

Food : The best places to eat in the area are Madina, Nayaab, Shadaab & Pista House.

Best time to visit:During Ramzan when this part of the city is open till about 2 am& the Charminar is lit up. In the last week of Ramzan, everything here is open 24 hours.

Finally after quite a few years, you can climb upto the first level of the Charminar. Entry is Rs 5/person. Between 9 &6. Charminar is closed on Friday.

Location:Charminar is one of the principal landmarks in Hyderabad with four graceful minarets. The city is often identified with the majestic Charminar. It was built by Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah in 1591, two years after the founding of Hyderabad.It stands in the heart of the old city.This imposing four columned structure is enormous in size and stature. Built with granite, it is the example of the Cazia style of architecture. It stands 56 m high and 30 m wide and creates four arches facing each of the cardinal points. Each column has a minaret on top which soars to a height of 48.7 mts above the ground. It is often referred to as the “arch of triumph of the east”.Its central structure soars to a height of 180 feet. The minarets contain spiral staircases, with 149 steps which ascend to triple tiers of balconies from where a panoramic view of old city can be seen.The space in the upper floor between the minarets was meant for Friday prayers.There are forty five prayer spaces and the atmosphere there is calm and serene so as to infuse a sense of devotion.

During Ramzan the entire place is fully decked up as a bride and is teemed with people who come to offer prayers and do some shopping.It is full of women who come for come to buy bangles, mehdi, garments with zardozi work and shoes.

Chau Mahalla was the principal residence of the Nizams located to the rear of the Mecca Mosque. It is a vast walled complex that can be seen from the roof of the mosque. It comprises a linear arrangement of state reception halls and residential suites, separated by formal gardens with pools and fountains.

The nearby Laad Bazaar is excellent for buying bangles, glass bottles for ittars, ittars, embroidery work, footwear & gun metal stautes. But bargain hard. Minimum of 50% of quoted price at least on the bangles.

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