Sunday, December 12, 2004

Day trip - Ocean Park

Location:It is located in Gandipet which is 12 kms from city.

How to reach : Local transportation is available. Otherwise take the route to Taramati Baradari and then its a little further from there.

Food : Food is available at Ocean Park which is of decent standard. They have a food court with South Indian and Chinese varieties of food at affordable prices. I also saw people carrying their own food in.

Best time to visit:No Holiday. Ocean Park is open all 365 days a year from 11 am to 8 pm.

It is a world of fun,fantasy and frolic.Ocean Park is a one of it’s kind water theme amusement park modeled on International standards. An amusement park that you haven’t seen the likes of yet in India. Forget about going to Disneyland or Sea World. Ocean Park situated at Gandipet just 15 kms from Hyderabad offers a spectacular mix of Internationally popular.
Water Rides and Amusement Rides for all age groups and provides full day entertainment to all it’s Patrons.
Promoted by the Aashraya Resorts Pvt Ltd, Ocean Park commenced it’s operations in May 1997 and attracts a large number of visitors on a daily basis. Spread over a sprawling 20 acres of lush landscaped gardens it offers a number of internationally popular water and amusement rides.

Some of the highlights of Ocean Park are:
Full Day Family Entertainment: Ocean Park is the only place in Andhra Pradesh which can give full day Entertainment for people of all age groups.
Safety: All the Rides including the Water Rides are very safe even for children. The water in the kids pool is just 18 inches deep. The water in the Landing Pool is 3ft deep. The Wave Pool is a special attraction. Artificial Sea Waves are created by using the latest technology. The Wave Pool slopes gently into the water with a maximum depth of 5 feet.
Clean Water: We use state of the Art Technology Filtration Plants for clean and Hygienic maintenance of the water. Water is continuously circulated through these Filtration Plants to ensure maximum hygiene.

I think entry is around Rs150/person. Once you get in, most of the rides are free, except for specialised ones like cable car ride, water scooter, horse & camel rides. You will need to pay between 10-25 rs per person for these rides, but the others are free, including 10 dry rides and about 10 water slides and the wave pool.

Women can rent or buy 3 varieties of swimming costumes here. one piece swimsuit, 2 piece-shorts n a top, 2 piece full length tights & long top. Cost about 40-50rs for the day to rent. Around 300 to buy. You can also carry in your own swimsuit.
Men can buy bermudas for 30-50 bucks each.

There is also a seperate enclosure with water rides for women & children only, if you want privacy but the water scooter ride takes a trip around this island and water body.


Anonymous said...

you have quite a good information about the park - which i was looking for and couldn't find in the site itself.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Thanks for lot of useful information. One more question? Can boys wear T-shirts or atleast banians in Ocean Park

Kim said...

yup, so can women

talk2urfrend9 said...

Hey thanks for giving gud information once thank U