Sunday, October 10, 2004

Eating @ Blue Nile

Blue Nile
Raj Bhavan Road

Opened about 2 weeks back.

Its located behind Spice republic, so u enter spice republic, pass the loos and then enter blue nile.

the decor is quite cool. aquamarine, blue n purple diffused hidden lighting gives the appearance of a new york lounge bar. Kenny g playing in the background.

was hoping for a good selection of food and then saw the ubiquitious "we serve 5 cuisines" When will hyderbadi restaurateurs learn to concentrate on one type of cuisine but master that properly ?

decided to go in for the buffet at 200 bucks + tax. This was an absolutely disastrous move.

the buffet was an amalgam of indian, chinese what have you. its a wonder they didnt try to work in the mexican thai cuisine too. guess there werent any leftovers....

in the salad selection, other than the pate and roast pepper salad, nothing was worth a second bite.

the food had chinese side dishes with no rice or noodles that would complement those items, instead there was indian pulao, naand and plain rice.
the fish was hard the chicken n mutton full of bones.

the gulab jamuns at desserts were disastrous too. the kheer was edible and there were some fruit salads that i could not muster the courage to try.

only hope that he setlles down decently and improves the food quality like what hapenned with their sister restaurant spice republic.

but as of now, for my money, Id rather go to Ohris Far East on Banjara hills

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