Thursday, October 28, 2004

Eating @ Cinnabar Redd

Located below Fusion 9 on Banjara Hills, Road No 1.

Restaurant and the attached bar are totally done up in Red silk, so the feel is quite regal and luxurious. Very cute tables in black wood, and cutlery in White ceramic. All in all a very comfy decor.

The restaurant offers Teppinyaki, Japanese, Thai and Chinese Food.

Afternoon set menu for 200 bucks allows u to chose a starter, soup, main course, rice or noodles and dessert from the Teppinyaki, Chinese or Thai menus. Desserts are of Anne Lise so they are of the same high standards that you can consistently expect from her. Date pancakes are worth trying out. and the Teppinyaki is a novel consept for Hyderabad.

Quite tasty but portions are limited and small. So Ohris Far East is a much better option for the same amount.

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