Saturday, October 30, 2004

Eating @ Chinese Pavilion

040 - 5578 5680 / 5578 5681

Located opp the Jalagam Vengalrao park in the same building as Zedds
(with the giant backlit "Z") on Banjara Hills Road no. 1.

I had heard a lot about this place too and when Nanking was too full up and the waiting lines were too long, decided to try our Chinese Pavilion as I was really hungry and in the mood for Chinese and not dressed for Mainland China.

Chinese Pavilion is located in the basement of the building but has a
cute open feel to it because of the mirrored walls. Its well lit up and the entrance is very welcoming. Service was very good and polite right from the valets to the doorman to the manager to the waiters.

This is the first restaurant that Ive been to where the menu advises you to order one course at a time so you eat as much as you can and don't over order and waste food at the end. It also advises you to rely on the waiter for recommendations. Both of which we adhered to. Though we ended up eating more than normal in the bargain. The food was that good.

The fried wontons at 140/- were light and crispy and especially
delicious with the sweet n sour green sauce. The soups in the range of 65/- were tasty and quite authentic. The Crispy lamb was 155/- and
innovative in its use of sesame seeds. The Pan fried noodles 100/- in a white sauce were so tasty that no extra sauces needed to be added. The manager recommended that we finish with a brownie Sundae 110/- which was quite good, especially the brownie part of it. But for that money, Id still prefer to drive up to Ohri's and have the "Awful Awful"

Good place, will definitely put it down among my favorites for repeat
visits in Hyderabad.

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